Alice promotes space science and Odysseus Contest in Italian schools

Alice Antonelli, who won the first place in the Explorers Category of the 2016 Odysseus Contest, in parallel with her studies on Aerospace Engineering at the University of Pisa is actively mobilizing young pupils’ and students’ interest on space science. Alice who is European Youth Space Ambassador for 2016-2017 has been already invited by schools in Tuscany and in Rome to share her experiences from the contest and to talk to students about space science challenges.



Carlota, Diogo and Nelson were named European Youth Space Ambassadors

In the context of an event, organized on 6 October 2016 in Lisbon for the World Space Week, Carlota Fernandes, Diogo Goncalves and Nelson Rebelo, members of the LEARS team, who won the first prize in the Pioneers category of the 2016 Odysseus contest, presented their project and received their European Youth Space Ambassadors Certificates, by Professor Rui Agostinho, the national Coordinator of World Space Week in Portugal.

In the photos are shown Carlota, Diogo and Nelson, with their teacher Ms Cristina Pinho, Prof. Rui Agostinho, Mr Domingos Santos Director of their School and Mr João Sequeira Mentor in the Odysseus contest.


Carlota, Diogo e Nelson foram nomeados Jovens Embaixadores Europeus do Espaço

No contexto de um evento da Semana Mundial do Espaço organizado no dia  6 de Outubro de 2016, em Lisboa, Carlota Fernandes, Diogo Goncalves e Nelson Rebelo, membros da equipa LEARS, que ganharam o primeiro prémio na categoria Pioneers do concurso Odysseus II 2016, apresentaram o seu projecto e receberam os seus certificados de Jovens Embaixadores Europeus do Espaço, que foram entregues pelo Professor Rui Agostinho, Coordenador Nacional da Semana Mundial do Espaço em Portugal.

Nas fotos abaixo são apresentados Carlota, Diogo e Nelson, com sua professora Cristina Pinho, o Prof. Rui Agostinho, o Diretor da sua Escola, professor Domingos Santos, e João Sequeira, mentor no concurso Odysseus.


Award Ceremony for Ivan Rubčić, winner of 2016 contest in Junior Skywalkers

Ivan Rubčić winner of the 2016 Odysseus contest in the Junior Skywalkers category received his prize – an iPad Air with space and astronomy applications and other relevant resources – and his Certificate of European Youth Space Ambassador in a ceremony, organized especially for him by his school in Ličko Lešće in Croatia, on 4 October 2016.  Ivan won the first place in his category with the drawing “Into the space by rocket”, which collected the most votes by the members of the Odysseus Community. The award was presented to Ivan by Mr Goran Nikolasevic, member of the Jury Panel of the 2016 Odysseus International Final. We congratulate Ivan and we wish him to see all his dreams come true and to Skyrocket his achievements in his studies.

Ivan 2016 winner of Junior Skywalkers

Ivan 2016 winner of Junior Skywalkers

Ivan receiving his prize by Mr Goran Nikolasevic

Ivan receiving his prize by Mr Goran Nikolasevic

Ivan with his schoolmates and teachers in the Award Ceremony

Ivan with his schoolmates and teachers in the Award Ceremony

Some of the drawings of the pupils of Ličko Lešće school submitted in the Odysseus Contest

Some of the drawings of the pupils of Ličko Lešće school submitted in the 2016 Odysseus Contest

Menelaos Raptis, public vote winner in the 2016 Skywalkers contest, received his prize

Menelaos Raptis, from Thessaloniki, Greece, received his prize (an iPad mini) for winning the public vote of the 2016 contest in the Skywalkers category.  Menelaos is 12 years old and he is attending the first class of secondary school of Filyro in Thessaloniki. Robotics, basketball and painting are some of Menelaos’ favorite hobbies.  For the past four years he was taking courses in robotics in the University of Macedonia and apart from Odysseus he distinguished in other educational competitions in physics and in mathematics, winning the second award in Greece, in the mathematical Olympiad “EYKLEIDES”.  Menelaos’ biggest dream is to become an astronaut and as Astrobiology is the field of sciences that excites him a lot, he decided to participate in the Odysseus contest by creating an imaginary future world.

In a ceremony organized for him in NOESIS Science Centre, Menelaos told to the Odysseus team: “The whole experience of my participation was really great and I would like to repeat it, -why not? -this year again. My ambition is to encourage my friends and my classmates to participate in the competition in order to feel the excitement of creation and inspiration.

Menelaus Raptis after receiving his prize

Menelaos after receiving his prize


Menelao’s entry in the 2016 Odysseus Contest