2017 National Pioneers Winners from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece

Five teams qualify from Bulgaria to the semi-finals of the Odysseus contest. The national winner for 2017 is the team “English language school Plovdiv” consisting of Dimitar Ferdinandov and Anna Velkova and Ms Kostadina Katsarova as teacher-coach, with the project “New Hope – A Sail to Trappist-1!“. The other four teams that will participate in the semi-finals are:

  • Team “TheCometScouts2”, from the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Team “Magnetida” from the High School of Mathematics Dr. Petar Beron
  • Team “Red Frontiers” from the High School of Mathematics Dr. Petar Beron
  • Team “Narwhals” from the Anglo-American School of Sofia

In Cyprus the national winner for 2017 is the team “Paxih” from the Archangelos Lyceum Apostolos Markos. Congratulations to Andreas Constadinou and Christos Mourou and to their teacher Ms Constantina Kountouri for their qualification to the regional final with the project entitled “Ion Thruster & EM Drive”.

The team “PLANet B” of Andreas Batistas, Ahanasios Vasilainas, Georgios Kalpaxis, pupils at the Zanneio Experimental Lyceum with Dr Sotirios Tsantilas, as teacher coach and with the project “Exoplanet pursuit” won the first place in Greece in the Pioneers category.

The following four teams from Greece will join “PLANet B” in the regional event that will be organized in Thessaloniki, Greece from 13 to 15 May 2017.

  • Team “johnhiotelis” from the Experimental High School of University of Patras, with the project “Hydrogen Energy from Ambient Humidity”
  • Team “Explorers of Space” from the 2nd Gymnasium of Nea Ionia, Attikis, with the project “Exoplanites”
  • Team “QuantumRover” from the Psychico College, with the project “QuantumRover”
  • Team “The Brainiacs” from the Aristotelium College, Thessaloniki, with the project “Mia exonyhistiki erevna gia tin Astroviologia”