2017 National Pioneers Winners and Finalists from Austria, France, Germany and Hungary

The winner of the national phase in Austria was the Team “Tumbleweed” from the Sir Karl Popper Schule, in Vienna. Congratulations to Stephan Moritz, Stefan Rietzinger and Julian Rothenbuchner and to their teacher Markus Holler for their project “Designing, constructing, and testing a wind-propelled Mars rover”

The following two teams will join “Team Tumbleweed” in the regional final that will be organized later this month in Graz, Austria.

  • The team “Saints” from the St. Gilgen International School
  • The team “Sebastian” from the Lycée français de Vienne

In France the team “bonnafous” from the Middle School Antoine Courrière, in Cuxac-cabardès, was ranked first in the Pioneers category in the first phase of the 2017 Odysseus contest, with the project entitled “Une exoplanète dans mon collège”. The members of the team are Guilhem Chambaud, Valentine Ducatteau and Emma Voican with Mr Sylvain Bonnafous as teacher-coach.

Six more teams from France qualified to the regional semi-final that will take place in Toulouse, France between 15 and 17 of May 2017 and will compete for a place to the International Final of July. These teams are:

  • Team “Les AstroLP2Iens” from Lycée Pilote Innovant International
  • Team “JoSaverne Space Project” from Lycée Joseph Saverne
  • Team “The light therapists” from Lycée Val de Garonne
  • Team “SETI_Investigation” from Lycée Michel De Montaigne
  • Team “The Space sardins” from Lycée Lise Diwan
  • Team “SpaceTourism” from Lycée Michel Montaigne

The team “Martianeers” consisting of Sven-Erik Bolz, Amit Amanna and Constantin Lomaca as teacher-coach, from the Franconian International School e.V., won the first place in the first phase of the 2017 contest in Germany with the project “M.A.R.S. – Martian Autonomous Research Station”.

Apart from the “Martianeers” the following teams from Germany, also qualified, in the regional semi final of Graz:

  • “Team2_J” from Gymnasium Karlsbad
  • Team “MCG-MarsRover” from Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Kirchzarten
  • “Team1_L” from Gymnasium Karlsbad
  • Team “The Helium Hunters” from Carl-Bosch-Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  • Team “Hortulani Martis” from Hölderlin Gymnasium Heidelberg

From Hungary the team “Potatoes” from the Milestone Institute qualified to the semi-finals that will be held in Graz, with the project “Mars to be the most fascinating One”. The team consists of Daniel Almasi, and Emese Batari with Mr TamasVami, as their teacher-coach.