Non-EU 2017 Skywalker Winners and Runners-Up

Many thanks to the 181 Skywalker contestants from non-EU countries for their enthusiastic participation in the 2017 Odysseus contest and congratulations to all for their amazing entries, which made the task of selecting the winners very difficult.

In the Juniors category the 2017 winner is Elçin Ateş, from the Fenerbahçe Koleji, in Istanbul, Turkey, with the picture entitled “Flaming sun”.

Flaming Sun

In Seniors the 2017 non-EU winner is Isabela Araujo Jara, from the Colegio Saint Andrew’s, in La Florida, Bolivia, with the picture “En el cosmos”.

En el cosmos

Five more entries (3 Juniors and 2 Seniors) qualified as runners-up to the final round of selection.

In the Juniors category the runners-up are: Diana Helen Kristensen, from Norway with the picture “Dronningen Lapiz – The queen Lapiz”,  Viktoria Lagård, also from Norway with the picture “Liv i verdensrommet – Life in space” and Shelda Santos, from East Timor, with the picture “O calor do Sol”.

In Seniors the two runners-up are: Felipe Bordalo, from Brazil, with the picture “Foguete Despravador – Pioneer Rocket” and Nicolas Zapata Arce from Bolivia, with the picture “Fiesta de Planetas”.

Dronningen Lapiz – The queen Lapiz

Liv i verdensrommet – Life in space

O calor do Sol

Foguete Despravador

Fiesta de Planetas