2017 Pioneers Winners and Runners up from Italy and Croatia

The team “Laertiadae classis”, consisting of Linda Raimondo from Liceo scientifico Norberto Rosaando and Francesco Malo from Liceo scientifico Alessandro Volta with their teacher Mr Bruno Maura, ranked first in the national phase of the 2017 Odysseus contest in Italy, with the project “Journey to Gusev”.

In Croatia the team “adamic68” from Srednja škola Andrije Ljudevita Adamića won the national phase of the 2017 contest in the Pioneers category. The members of the team which submitted the project entitled “Light pollution” were David Dean Dujmović and Leon Živković with Ms Olja Jajić, as their teacher coach.

These two teams will be joined in the regional semi-final that will take place from 25th to 27th May 2017, at ALTEC and Politecnico di Torino, in Turin, Italy by the following four teams, which also qualified to the semi-finals.

  • Team Endeavor from Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei with the project “Studio e confronto del moto di un missile attraverso dati sperimentali e codici numerici”.
  • The TigerTeam from Liceo Scientifico G.G. Trissino with the project “New International Space Station”.
  • Team Enterprise, from Istituto Ettore Sanfelice, with the “Project Ares”.
  • Team Tomorrowland, from Liceo Scientifico Marie Curie, with the project “Strutture Architettoniche su Marte”.

2017 National Pioneers Winners and Finalists from Austria, France, Germany and Hungary

The winner of the national phase in Austria was the Team “Tumbleweed” from the Sir Karl Popper Schule, in Vienna. Congratulations to Stephan Moritz, Stefan Rietzinger and Julian Rothenbuchner and to their teacher Markus Holler for their project “Designing, constructing, and testing a wind-propelled Mars rover”

The following two teams will join “Team Tumbleweed” in the regional final that will be organized later this month in Graz, Austria.

  • The team “Saints” from the St. Gilgen International School
  • The team “Sebastian” from the Lycée français de Vienne

In France the team “bonnafous” from the Middle School Antoine Courrière, in Cuxac-cabardès, was ranked first in the Pioneers category in the first phase of the 2017 Odysseus contest, with the project entitled “Une exoplanète dans mon collège”. The members of the team are Guilhem Chambaud, Valentine Ducatteau and Emma Voican with Mr Sylvain Bonnafous as teacher-coach.

Six more teams from France qualified to the regional semi-final that will take place in Toulouse, France between 15 and 17 of May 2017 and will compete for a place to the International Final of July. These teams are:

  • Team “Les AstroLP2Iens” from Lycée Pilote Innovant International
  • Team “JoSaverne Space Project” from Lycée Joseph Saverne
  • Team “The light therapists” from Lycée Val de Garonne
  • Team “SETI_Investigation” from Lycée Michel De Montaigne
  • Team “The Space sardins” from Lycée Lise Diwan
  • Team “SpaceTourism” from Lycée Michel Montaigne

The team “Martianeers” consisting of Sven-Erik Bolz, Amit Amanna and Constantin Lomaca as teacher-coach, from the Franconian International School e.V., won the first place in the first phase of the 2017 contest in Germany with the project “M.A.R.S. – Martian Autonomous Research Station”.

Apart from the “Martianeers” the following teams from Germany, also qualified, in the regional semi final of Graz:

  • “Team2_J” from Gymnasium Karlsbad
  • Team “MCG-MarsRover” from Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Kirchzarten
  • “Team1_L” from Gymnasium Karlsbad
  • Team “The Helium Hunters” from Carl-Bosch-Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  • Team “Hortulani Martis” from Hölderlin Gymnasium Heidelberg

From Hungary the team “Potatoes” from the Milestone Institute qualified to the semi-finals that will be held in Graz, with the project “Mars to be the most fascinating One”. The team consists of Daniel Almasi, and Emese Batari with Mr TamasVami, as their teacher-coach.


2017 National Pioneers Winners from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece

Five teams qualify from Bulgaria to the semi-finals of the Odysseus contest. The national winner for 2017 is the team “English language school Plovdiv” consisting of Dimitar Ferdinandov and Anna Velkova and Ms Kostadina Katsarova as teacher-coach, with the project “New Hope – A Sail to Trappist-1!“. The other four teams that will participate in the semi-finals are:

  • Team “TheCometScouts2”, from the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Team “Magnetida” from the High School of Mathematics Dr. Petar Beron
  • Team “Red Frontiers” from the High School of Mathematics Dr. Petar Beron
  • Team “Narwhals” from the Anglo-American School of Sofia

In Cyprus the national winner for 2017 is the team “Paxih” from the Archangelos Lyceum Apostolos Markos. Congratulations to Andreas Constadinou and Christos Mourou and to their teacher Ms Constantina Kountouri for their qualification to the regional final with the project entitled “Ion Thruster & EM Drive”.

The team “PLANet B” of Andreas Batistas, Ahanasios Vasilainas, Georgios Kalpaxis, pupils at the Zanneio Experimental Lyceum with Dr Sotirios Tsantilas, as teacher coach and with the project “Exoplanet pursuit” won the first place in Greece in the Pioneers category.

The following four teams from Greece will join “PLANet B” in the regional event that will be organized in Thessaloniki, Greece from 13 to 15 May 2017.

  • Team “johnhiotelis” from the Experimental High School of University of Patras, with the project “Hydrogen Energy from Ambient Humidity”
  • Team “Explorers of Space” from the 2nd Gymnasium of Nea Ionia, Attikis, with the project “Exoplanites”
  • Team “QuantumRover” from the Psychico College, with the project “QuantumRover”
  • Team “The Brainiacs” from the Aristotelium College, Thessaloniki, with the project “Mia exonyhistiki erevna gia tin Astroviologia”

2017 Non-EU Odysseus winners anounced

The team “denizglbhrli” from Ozel Cevizlibag Doga Koleji in Seyitnizam, Turkey, with the project “Automated Radiation Shield” won the first place among entries from non-EU countries in the Pioneers category and qualified to the next round of the Odysseus contest. Congratulations to Deniz Gulbaharli and Ulas Gulbaharli and to their teacher Ms Ozlem Ozan for their excellent performance.  In the second place was the team “Rigel1” from the Saint Andrews School in La Paz Bolivia, with the project entitled “Sentirse solo y aburrido en un viaje durante 1 año. Psicología de un vuelo a Marte”.

In the Explorers category Aleksander Knutsen, student in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology won the first place and qualified to the semi-finals, with the project “High-altitude Balloons on Mars”. In the second place came Vatan Aksoy Tezer and Öner Altınbağ, from the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the Istanbul Technical University, with the project “From Valley To Sky”.

2017 national winners and finalists in the Pioneers category from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom.

In Denmark the 2017 national winner in the Pioneers category is the team “BlackStar” from Midtsjællands Efterskole, with the project entitled “Lazarus”.   The team consists of Lukas Leth and Carl Vistisen and is coached by their teacher Mr Jens Brix.

In Finland the 2017 national winner is the team “Ikaros” from Winellska skolan consisting of Alvar Winquist, Axel Broman and Elias Westerén with Mr Jonas Pått, as their coach.

In Sweden the winner is the team “Rymdraket” from Nyströmska skolan with the project entitled “A future Mars city”. The team members are Anja Saksi and Elia Andersson, with Dr Peter Lindström as coach.

In the United Kingdom the national winner in the Pioneers category is the team “MrBWakeford” from Winchcombe Secondary School, with the project “Daedalus – Sustaining life beyond earth”. The team consists of Lucy Payne, Millie Wilson and Thierry Fox and is coached by their teacher Mr Barnaby Wakeford.

The following three Pioneer teams are also qualifying to the semi-final that will be organized in the Space Science Camp in Soroe, Denmark from 15 June to 17 June.

  • Team Maimar, from Frijsenborg Efterskole, Denmark
  • Team NdaliaOdysseus, from the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, United Kingdom
  • Team Daanish, from the Hymers College, United Kingdom

2017 National Odysseus Winners in Spain and in Portugal announced

The evaluations at national level in Spain and in Portugal have been completed.

In the Pioneers category the winner for 2017 in Spain is the team “queiruga“ from the Colegio Jesús-María in Burgos, with the project entitled “The room bottom”. Congratulations to the members of the “queiruga” team, María Sicilia Prieto, Pablo Olmedillo Santillana, Daniel Rebolleda Hernández and to their teacher – coach Dr Miguel Angel Queiruga Dios.

Congratulations also to the 2017 national winner for Portugal in the Pioneers category.  This is the team “MarianaSilva” from Escola Básica e Secundária Emídio Navarro in Setubal, with the project “À procura de um sinal: Estaremos sozinhos no Universo?” and with members Mariana Silva and Inês Oliveira, with Ms Sofia Reis as their teacher coach.

Along the two national winners eight more teams have qualified to the regional final that will be held from 16th to 19th of May in Madrid in order to select the team that will go to the International Final next July.  The teams that also qualified to the next round are:

  • Team “EXODUS”, from IES Cardenal Cisneros, Spain
  • Team “Pasión espacial II”, from IES ¨Tháder¨, Spain
  • Team “godoca”, from Institut Guindàvols, Spain
  • Team “MARTETINTOS” from IES AZUER, Spain
  • Team “Trestíficos” from Institut Guindàvols, Spain
  • Team “Ad Infinitum” from Sagrada Família – Horta school, Spain
  • Team Apollo from Escola Secundária de São Pedro do Sul, Portugal
  • Team “TheSpaceIsStrange2017” from Collegi Safa Horta Barcelona, Spain

Extension of Submissions Deadline for Skywalkers – The New Deadline is 10th of April 2017

Due to the large number of inquiries and the requests from teachers, we have further extended the deadline for Skywalkers registrations and submissions to the Odysseus Contest. The new deadline is midnight (CET), 10th April 2017, so there is plenty of time for all interested Skywalkers to complete registration and submit their artwork.

The submissions deadline for Pioneers and Explorers remains 31st March 2017, 23:59 CET.

Many thanks to those pupils, who have already submitted their entries. If any contestants in the Skywalkers category would like to modify their entry, they can do it by submitting another entry using the same account details.

Winners of the Pioneers category 2016 present their work at a major Programming event in Portugal

 Carlota FERNANDES, Diogo GONCALVES and Nelson REBELO, the winners of the 2016 edition of the Odysseus II competition in the Pioneers category, accompanied by their teacher Cristina PINHO of the Sebastião e Silva Secondary School will be in the Pavilion of Knowledge (Lisbon, Portugal) in the first initiative of the Movement Portugal Code will take place in the on December 11, 2016. This presence will serve to give visibility to this amazing project. To know more about the event click here (in Portuguese).

Vencedores da categoria Pioneers apresentam o seu trabalho no Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Os alunos vencedores da edição de 2016 do concurso Odysseus II na categoria Pioneers Carlota FERNANDES, Diogo GONCALVES e Nelson REBELO acompanhados da sua professora Cristina PINHO da Escola Secundária Sebastião e Silva irão estar no Pavilhão do Conhecimento na primeira iniciativa do Movimento Código Portugal terá lugar no dia 11 de dezembro de 2016. Esta presença servirá para dar visibilidade ao seu projeto, que tem sido reconhecido como  extremamente criativo na área das ciências multidisciplinares da exploração do Espaço. Para saber mais sobre o evento clique aqui.