Skywalkers Results of Spain and Portugal

Congratulations to all contestants from Spain and Portugal! The submitted entries were amazing and very artistic!

The 2017 winner in Spain in the Juniors category is Uxía Soto Costas from the Ceip Frián Teis School with the artwork “Philae posada sobre el cometa 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko”.

In the Seniors category the winner is Yashwant Parihar from the American International School of Mallorca with the picture “Europe in Space”

In Portugal the winner in Juniors is Diogo Leitão from Amadora with the picture “Exoplanets” and in Seniors Gil Piedade from Agrupamento de Escolas Emídio Navarro with the picture “Um extraterrestre divertido”.

Philae posada sobre el cometa 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Europe in Space



Um extraterrestre divertido

Um extraterrestre divertido
















Four more entries (one in the Juniors category and three in the Seniors) qualified also to the final round of selection of international winners.

These are: (a) the picture “Solar System Symmetry” by Gonçalo Martins (Junior) from Portugal, (b) the picture “Exploring Mars” by Madalena Coutinho (Senior) from Portugal, (c) the picture “XRay-S” by André Ferreira and (d) the picture “Atletismo espacial” by Nerea Díaz Ruiz.

Solar System Symmetry

Exploring Mars


Atletismo espacial