Skywalkers Runners Up from Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia and United Kingdom

Six entries in total (2 from Junior and 4 from Senior Skywalkers) qualified from Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia and the UK to the final round of selection for the 2017 International Skywalkers Winners.

In the Juniors Category qualified as runners up to the final round, Anna Hetényi, from the Gloriett Sportiskolai Általános School, in Budapest, Hungary, with the picture “Short walk to the comet” and Clara Maiolino, from the St Faith’s School in Cambridge, UK, with the picture “My Solar System”.

Short walk on a comet

My Solar System


In Seniors the following four entries were selected to compete in the final round for the selection of the 2017 International Winners.

  1. Nandia Ismieva, from the Thekleio Gymnasium of Limasol, Cyprus, with the picture “Looking from a Spaceship”
  2. Aron Sipos, from the Balassi Bálint Nyolcévfolyamos Gymanisum, of Budapest, Hungary with the picture “Garbage Game”
  3. Lucia Rotar, from Slovenia, with the picture “Over the planets”
  4. Solomon Ambler-Danyluk, from the North Halifax Grammar School, UK, with the poster “Universal Animation”

Over the planets

Universal Animation

Garbage Game

Looking from a Spaceship