Skywalkers winners and runners-up in Austria and Germany

Impressive and inspiring artwork was submitted by all Skywalkers in Austria and Germany and the Jury had a hard task to select the top entries.

The 2017 Skywalkers winners in Austria and Germany are:

In the Juniors category the national winner in Austria is Angelina Makula, from the PG St. Ursula School in Salzburg, with the picture “Earth in the future! Erde in der Zukunft”

In the Seniors category the winner in Austria is Daniela Schlapschy from Oberpullendorf with the picture “I love Aliens”

In Germany the winner in the Juniors category is Olivia Zens from the Fichte Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, with the picture “Moss Mission”.

In the Seniors the winner in Germany is Susanne Möller from the Werratalschule in Heringen, with the picture “Reise zum Spiralnebel”.

Two more entries from Austria qualified to the final round for the selection of the international winners.

These are in the juniors category the picture “Aliens treffen sich zum Eis essen” by Leonora Appel and in the Seniors category the picture “Unterwegs im Weltraum” by  Matthias Schleich.

Aliens treffen sich zum Eis essen

Unterwegs im Weltraum