Skywalkers winners and runners up from France

Congratulations to the 348 Skywalkers from France, who submitted very inspiring and artistic drawings and artwork related to space.

The 2017 national winner in the Juniors category is Thomy Simon, from the Nelson Mandela school, in Saint Sylvestre, with the artwork entitled “Marcher sur l’anneau de Saturne”

Marcher sur l’anneau de Saturne











In the Seniors category the 2017 winner is Kim Hansen, from the Collège Stendhal, in Toulouse, with the picture “Seule”


In addition to these  artworks four more Juniors’ entries and seven Seniors’ also qualified for the final round of selection.

In the Juniors category these are Charlotte Simon with the picture “Rencontre extraterrestre”, Léa Amedei with the picture “La Terre vue de haut”, Hugo Dias with the picture “Les limites de l’espace” and Clément Benard with the artwork “L’homme qui marche sur Uranus”.

Rencontre extraterrestre

La Terre vue de haut

Les limites de l’espace

L’homme qui marche sur Uranus


























In the Seniors the other seven entries qualifying to the final round of selection are:  Matt Gabriel, with the picture “La lune vue de Minecraft”, Léo Peckre with the picture “Enjoy but take care”, Danny Enjalran with the artwork “Tentaculore”, Gino O’Connel with the picture “Des humains sur Mars”, Paul Vidal-Ghione with the picture “Des humains sur Mars”, Durand Baptiste with the artwork “L’homme qui marchera sur Mars” and Blanche Navarro with the artwork entitled “StarDust”.

La lune vue de Minecraft

Enjoy but take care


“Des humains sur Mars” by Gino

“Des humains sur Mars” by Paul

L’homme qui marchera sur Mars