Skywalkers Winners and Runners Up from Greece and Bulgaria

A huge thank to all Skywalkers contestants from Bulgaria and Greece for their wonderful artwork!  All entries were amazing and it was really hard to select the winners.

In Bulgaria the 2017 national winner in the Juniors category is Boris Koev, from the school “Dimcho Debelyanov” with the picture entitled “Космически кораби – Spacecraft”.


In the Seniors category Stilian Genov, also from the school “Dimcho Debelyanov” topped the national ranking with the picture “Mission in Space”.

Mission in Space

In Greece the 1st place in the Juniors category won Stamatia Eleftheraki, from the 1st Experimental School of Thessaloniki with the artwork entitled “A Journey in Space”.

Journey in Space

Ioanna Manta from Stavrakis School, topped the national ranking in the Seniors category with the artwork “Night Sky”.

Night Sky

Six Juniors entries and three Senior also qualified for the final round of selection. These are:

Ekaterini Dritsa (Junior), with the picture “The magic black hole”, Androniki Zouni (Junior), with the picture “An astronaut in the big weird universe”, Grigoris Kasteroudis (Junior) with the picture “Life in Mars”, Efstathia Papalexiou (Junior) with the picture “Alien Sunset”,  Marios – Konstantinos Konstantinidis (Junior) with the picture “The planet show”, Spyros Gratsanos (Junior), with the picture “The Universe”, Eleni Tsakmani (Senior), with the picture “The Univerrse with another look”, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos (Senior) with the picture “Our Solar System” and Aggeliki Konstantopoulou (Senior) with the picture “A man on a comet”.

The Universe

The Universe

Our Solar System


The Univerrse with another  look

An astronaut in the big weird universe

The magic black hole

Alien Sunset

A man on a comet

The planet show

Life in Mars