Skywalkers Winners and Runners Up from Romania

The Evaluators of the Skywalkers’ pictures in Romania had a really hard task: choosing the best pictures among 111 Junior and 118 Senior Skywalkers’ inspirational and aesthetically excellent ones. Congratulations to all!

The 2017 national Skywalkers winners in Romania are:

In the Juniors’ category the national winner in Romania is Diana Georgiana, from Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 178, with the picture “The Kingdom of the happy Prince”.

The Kingdom of the happy Prince

In the Seniors’ category the national winner in Romania is Simona Halpern, from Scoala Gimnaziala 195, Bucuresti, with the picture “Les premiers pas sur Mars”.

Les premiers pas sur Mars

Six more entries (three in the Juniors and three in the Seniors’ category) qualified also to the final round of selection of international winners.

These are: (i) the picture “My earth planet” by Barbutoiu Mihai (Junior),

My earth planet

(ii) the picture “Happy Planet – Planet Mars” by Petre Andreea (Junior),

Happy Planet – Planet Mars

(iii) the picture “Traces of life” by Alexia Georgescu (Junior),

Traces of life

(iv) the picture “Overlooking New Planets” by Bucura Elena Biteanu (Senior),

Overlooking New Planets

(v) the picture “Discovering the world of cosmic space” by Teona Eseanu (Senior) and

Discovering the world of cosmic space

(vi) the picture “Perfection” by Lavinia Popescu (Senior)